21.04.2011: Morphy live @ Conne Island

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Am 21. April wird Morphy aus Glasgow den Startschuss geben. Sein Liveact verbindet Dub-lastige Deepness mit tonnenschweren Breaks genauso wie lässige Jungle-Ausflüge mit Soundscapes voller spannungsgeladener Darkness. Zu manchen Tunes möchte man auf den Kriegspfad, zu anderen einfach nur gepflegt abhängen. Er hat eben seinen ganz eigenen Sound jenseits gängiger Schemata. Morphy veröffentlicht auf zahlreichen namhaften Labels; von dBridge's Exit über Raiden's neues Label namens Voodoo und auch bei Alphacut aus Leipzig. Unbedingt 'reinhören und abtauchen!

Unterstützt wird Morphy von Lowcut aus dem Paperclip-Umfeld und Histeppa von den Bassment Rockaz. Visuell wird der Abend von Legacy of NEST abgerundet. Der krönende Abschluß wird ganz sicher das Rollout mit allen DJs der Crew.

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Paperclip Interview mit Morphy

Moin, this is LXC and we are on AIM, having Morphy on the other line. Where are you at and how are you mate? Tell us more about your music.

I'm doing real great, thank you! I am based in Glasgow in sunny Scotland. I have been producing Drum'n'Bass / Dub music for several years now with releases on Alphacut, Voodoo, Function, Exit and Foundation X to name a few. I am a massive fan of Dub music and the Dub production style so I try to bring that influence into my own music too.

Hows are things rolling at the moment with your music?

The music is going really well just now, I'm super busy in the studio and lots of releases on the go, plus the live show is proving very popular which is great. I've also got some great collaborations going just now with artists such as Flatliners, Raiden and Nasha Experience - so it's all systems go!

Great, are you looking forward to come to Leipzig?

Yes, very much so! I have never been to Germany so I am excited about that and also have heard about the great parties in Leipzig so cant wait to check it out! Also looking forward to the nice beers!

Nice, whats your favourite brew? Which is the proper scottish stuff you'd recommend?

I am a big fan of stouts and Guinness would have to be up there at the top for me. I also love wheat beers too, Weihenstephen being my current
favourite. In Scotland my favourite would have to be Innes & Gunn, a golden beer aged in oak barrels. Amazing.

I've heard of that in Scotland you guys deep-fry pretty much everything from fish to Snickers. (sic!) Whats your favourite deep fry?

I must confess I am not as adventurous as other Scots with their fried food but I am more than partial to a potato fritter roll now and again. Lots of vinegar. Nasty but glorious!

With what kind of audible candy are you going to please our ears?

The live show is going to be a mix of Jungle, Tribal and half time vibes with enough dubbed out goodness to take you to the milky way and back!!

Speaking of milky ways and other snacks again: Is it gonna be hot? Or frozen? Or maybe even sticky?

Has to be sticky.  Sticky fingers all the way.

Sticky Fingers? Isn't that a well-known classic funk break as well?

It is, and best thing is when you slice it up you don't even need glue for editing, its already nice and sticky!

Who's gonna hold the torches for your favourite sounds this year and who has been your biggest surprise of the last year?

I think there is so much good music just now, it's a great time for this sound. Artists such as Flatliners, DBR, and Untouchables have really come through with such amazing music in the last year or so. I think this is going to be a brilliant year for artists pushing that deep sound. I'mkeeping my eyes on Phuture T, Reza, Mr Foul and Fade as they are making some amazing tunes.

Do you think that women respond to bass? and if so, which ones?

I think women most certainly respond to bass. I think it's the quiet ones.

Brilliant. Thanks for these interesting insighters and lets run into each other in late April in Leipzig!

Thankyou very much, I am looking forward to it!


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